Welcome to WWWBrowser

WWWBrowser is a prototype WWW Browser implemented in the functional programming language Haskell using the Fudget Library.

WWWBrowser was mostly implemented in the summer 1994, when NCSA Mosaic was the dominant web browser. It thus predates Netscape Navigator. Some updates were made in 1997-1998 and more recent years.

WWWBrowser is also described in the chapter WWWBrowser -- a WWW client in the Fudgets Thesis.

Some features of WWWBrowser

Missing features and known bugs

WWWBrowser supports most of HTML 3.2, but compared to modern browsers, some widely used features are missing.

Command line arguments

wwwb [ - flags ] URL
-home url specifies the start page
-proxy host:port use the specified proxy
-docmenufile file specifies where to get document menu.
-bookmarksfile file specifies where to get the bookmark menu
-personaltoolbar name specifies which bookmark folder to use as the personal tool bar.
-imglog switches on the image fetching log window.
-htmldebug shows bad HTML markup and hidden information in forms.
-color no shows images in (dithered) black&white. (Faster than color images).
-colorCube n sets the size of the color cube to n*n*n, where n=1,2..6. The default is to use the largest possible color cube.
and more...

The flags can also be specified using environment variables. See the section Command line switches and environment variables in the Fugets User's Guide for details.



You can mail your thoughts about WWWBrowser to the author.


Thomas Hallgren
Most modules. GIF processing.
Magnus Carlsson
Other image processing.

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