InternetLib is a small Haskell library for accessing the internet, primarily for use with Fudgets, although many of the functions (e.g., the ones for dealing with HTML documents) do not depend on the Fudget library. Most of the stuff here was not written with the intention to form a general library, but for a specific purpose: it was needed in the web browser WWWBrowser. This library is just a collection of stuff that seems to be reusable from the implementation of WWWBrowser.

The main ingredients are

The index lists everything exported from the library. The beginner index lists only the simple stuff (but more things should be classified as simple...).

The library may be extended in the future.

Compiling programs

To use InternetLib, you should import it:
import InternetLib

To compile programs using InternetLib, use the command

hbcxmake -contrib -i%InternetLib programname